Here you can find all the most frequently asked questions about us, our concept or the way we work with you either as a Creator or an Affiliate partner.

A Bundle is a collection of virtual products from several Creators/Influencers. We gather multiple versions of Preset Packs, eBooks or Online Courses from different Authors/Creators and combine them in a perfect bundle.

We & the Creators of the products included in a bundle believe in the power of collaboration. Together we can reach millions of people, so many more than each of us could reach on our own. Together we can raise the value of our bundles into unrivaled spheres. All this combined and the will to make this incredible offer possible and affordable for all customers out there make a discount like this possible. 

If you have a virtual product (preset pack, eBook or online course) a loyal following with 20k+ followers and want to be part of our next bundle, feel free to contact us

Anyone can apply for our affiliate network. Simply create a customer account on & click on “become an affiliate” – we will get back to you as soon as we checked your website/profile.

One week after we received your invoice, the commission will be send via bank transfer or PayPal.